Cheetah Piss 2.0

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Cheetah Piss 2.0


Strain Name: Cheetah Piss

Type: Hybrid (50% Indica / 50% Sativa)

Genetics: Lemonnade x Gelato 42 x London Poundcake 97

Flavor & Taste:

  • Flavor Description: The aroma of Cheetah Piss is notably intense and pungent, akin to its namesake. Its complex profile features citrus hints from Lemonnade, creamy berry notes from Gelato 42, and a touch of earthy sweetness from London Poundcake 97.
  • Taste Description: Echoing its aroma, the taste is rich with a pungent, earthy base, layered with citrusy and sweet berry undertones, delivering a bold and unforgettable experience.


  • Euphoria: The high comes on quickly and powerfully, sweeping you into a broad wave of euphoria that feels uplifting and joyful.
  • Creativity: The uplifting effect can spark creativity, making it ideal for creative endeavors or working all day.
  • Stress Relief: Its potent effects can ease your stress, providing  relief from stress and anxiety.

Ideal Use:

  • Medicinal/Recreational: Suitable for both medicinal and recreational purposes, Cheetah Piss may help alleviate mood disorders like depression or stress due to its uplifting and euphoric effects.
  • Additional Usage Notes: With its intense aroma and potent effects, Cheetah Piss is recommended for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. Its energizing and creative effects make it an excellent choice for daytime or social use.
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