Gelato Zkittles

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Gelato Zkittles


This hybrid marijuana strain’s terpene profile is handed down from the parents, with Gelato and Zkittlez sharing dominant terpenes, albeit to varying degrees. This combination gives those unique Gelato Zkittles flavors and aromas that mix the creamy and the fruity for a rainbow sherbet overtone.

That tingle of fruit and creamy spice on the inhale comes from a blend of two common cannabis terpenes, the peppery caryophyllene and the citrus-heavy limonene, that blend together for that sweet, ice cream flavor. Also playing its part is humulene, another Gelato Zkittlez dominant terpene that adds a hoppy vibe on exhale that slips beautifully into the flavor profile, adding a richness and subtlety to the taste, and stopping anything being too overpowering.

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